Why Are There Government Foreclosures For Sale?

There are many foreclosures happening all over the country. This is mainly due to the sub-prime mortgage debacle that happened recently. This is when lenders relaxed their criteria to allow more people to realize the American dream of homeownership. The problem was that their attractive initial interest rates jumped after a few months. Many of these new homeowners never read the fine print so this jump in mortgage price was out of nowhere. This resulted in many foreclosures that we’re still seeing the residual of today. But it’s not just regular homes that are being foreclosed on. Government housing is also seeing an increase in foreclosures. HUD, the department of Housing and Urban Development, provides homes to those who can’t usually afford them. But with the economy the way it is today, some of these families can’t afford their homes even at the discounted rates. The government is forced to foreclose in these cases. Some of these families get foreclosure help from the same government that foreclosed on them in the first place but most of the families are forced to move.

Forced To Move

These government foreclosures for sale were just normal HUD houses and apartment buildings. The families who lived inside paid their mortgages, at reduced rates, but eventually, whether due to job loss or some other hardship, they could not pay at all. Usually, these government foreclosures for sale are the result of months of not paying. Eventually, though, the families are so in debt that there’s no hope of ever catching up. This is when the government files a foreclosure and a notice is posted. The family then has a certain amount of time to vacate the premises; usually about thirty days. After thirty days, however, if the family still isn’t gone, the government will file a writ of possession. This is when the local police will come and physically remove the family while their possessions are either sold at auction or sold back to the family for a certain cost. This is a sad situation but it’s one that’s happening at an increased rate as is evidenced by all the government foreclosures for sale popping up all over the place.

Taking Advantage Of Government Foreclosures For Sale

If you have money, and you’re looking for a home to buy, this is a great opportunity to buy one of these government foreclosures for sale. You can just contact HUD, or any other government department that’s handling the foreclosures, to try and get a list of these properties. Sure, it’s a sad situation, but it’s a chance to take advantage of someone else’s hardship for your gain. It’s business, after all, and you’ll be helping your government by providing much needed funds where the family provided a financial vacuum because they could not pay.